About the blog

ICENERVESHATTER is a Melbourne-based blogger with an interest in energy, climate change and politics.

ICENERVESHATTER is a Melbourne-based blogger with an interest in energy, climate change and politics.

My name is Louis Brailsford and I have been working on energy, climate change solutions and politics research for a number of years. I am currently a campaigner at the wonderful Climate Council, having previously worked here as an energy researcher. In the past I have done report-writing and policy research for Greenpeace, Australian Conservation Foundation, The Greens and the AYCC. 

I am passionate about both the energy sector and politics, and it is my hope that this blog will be a resource for others who want to learn more about these topics but are perhaps intimidated by its complexity. Getting a handle on energy jargon in particular is almost like learning a second language.

This blog is not primarily intended for the experts (although hopefully you may learn a thing or two!). Rather, I write posts assuming that the reader is intelligent but otherwise not very familiar with the topic. I avoid energy jargon as much as possible.

Posts can generally be divided into two categories: high level overviews (eg. the Queensland coal industry or American politics) or deep dives into a very specific topic (eg. constraints on solar farms in western Victoria or political polling in a particular state).

I generally try (and occasionally fail) to limit posts to 1,000 words – that means you can read them in around 10 minutes and prevents me spending hours writing them. This may mean that I do not always go into as much depth as you would like. As such, I always include links to other resources in my posts. 

Feedback is always welcome. If there is a topic you would like me to look at or you think I am wrong about something (it happens), add a comment to the end of the post. Enjoy!

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